Vattenfall takes advantage of digital signing

The implementation of Assently's digital signature tool has increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Faster turnaround time
Shorter processing time
20 000€
Savings compared to paper contracts
“We save 25% of the time spent on sales and employment contracts internally"
Frida Jones
Business Developer, Vattenfall

Quick and easy business decisions

When Vattenfall sends a contract, they select the relevant contract template from the Web Office and add the recipients. The recipient signs using the method that suits them best (bank ID/mobile certificate, touch screen or SMS). Once everyone has signed, the contract is automatically archived and a copy is sent to all parties.

A few additional benefits beyond the time and money saved

Electronic signature increases security and simplifies administration. Vattenfall can simply deal with questions and edit the details of the offers sent. In addition, the technology brings better traceability of who has been sent to, what has been sent and whether it has been signed - all in real time!

Makes a good impression

With Assently e-Sign, Vattenfall can, send, sign and archive work and sales contracts digitally, which has increased efficiency and made a better impression on the recipient.

Lifting the most relevant product solutions for this case

Possible integration with existing systems
Customizable design in a web agency, adapt to your brand
Send contracts to multiple parties at the same time
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