GoodOnes creates a safe environment for their app users

The first dating app where users can feel 100 % safe about their peers
Solution easily integrated to mobile application
Including both Swedish and Norwegian BankID
Verify your customers’ identity and increase security
"By using Assently CoreID, we can be confident of our users’ identities, and we can provide them with a safe experience."
Mathilde Modiggård

Taking security seriously

GoodOnes can, with the help of Assently CoreID, offer a serious dating app where all users have confirmed their identities with electronic-ID. They can also permanently ban users since there is no way to actually forge an electronic-ID.

Like a classic dating-app, but serious

When a new user downloads GoodOnes, they are first asked to create an account. In order to do so, they must confirm their identity with an electronic-ID from either Sweden or Norway. This is the only time they have to confirm their identity, otherwise the user can sign-in by simply using regular credentials.

The importance of feeling security and trust

When trying to meet someone, it is important to feel safe and to be able to trust the people you interact with. Thanks to Assently CoreID, GoodOnes was able to provide a platform which delivered on these things. By using electronic-ID to identify their users, they can be certain that they indeed are who they say.

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