Administrative relief for schools

Assently offers prepackaged support and various features that help you and your team of teachers and administrative staff through all steps from the application of interest and admission process to documentation and approvals throughout the school year. No more lost paper forms in backpacks, less time hunting for signatures while complying with GDPR requirements.

Before school starts

  • Application form
  • Contact details, allergies, special needs
  • Authorization for photography
  • Acknowledgment of computer/ reading tablet etc

→Assently solution

  • Webbautomation (advanced form support)
  • Fillable pdf, mass e-mailing, E-mail to third parties

During the school year

  • Application for leave
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Relocation
  • School trips

→Assently solution

  • Webbautomation (advanced form support)
  • E-sign, mass e-mailing (e-mail the whole class with the press of a button)


  • Archiving
  • GDPR

→Assently solution

  • Automatic storage in your systems (Google Drive, Sharepoint, or integrated with your own solutions)
  • Secure storage/access control (ensure that assigned the persongets access)

We believe that electronic signatures and e-identification should be secure and simple to use. We deliver secure and trusted solutions within e-signing and e-identification. We wish to contribute to a better business for you. Whatever business you have. If it’s easy to implement and ready to use, it’s Assently.

"With Assently, we have increased efficiency even further. The collection and management of signatures is very smooth"
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