“The HR manager’s best friend”

Administrative relief in the form of templates, stands and various functions that help you and your team, with the various processes in the HR area — from recruitment and employment to the ongoing work during the HR year.
Human Resources


  • Recruitment
  • Approval/compliance
  • Send agreements
  • Signing of agreements

→ Assently’s solution

  • Integration Teamtailor/API
  • Digital Employment Agreements
  • Digital cover sheet
  • Approval flow


  • Welcome package for new employees
  • Information for 3rd parties
  • Permissions

→Assently’s solution

  • Signing order
  • Batch mailing
  • Batch signature
  • Advanced form support

The HR year

  • Salary decisions, salary supplements
  • Leaves (study, parental, etc)
  • Dismissal/Termination
  • Development calls

→Assently’s solution

  • E-signing of agreements
  • eID-secured dispatches
  • Advanced form support
  • Information to 3rd parties

We want our products to help you through increased efficiency, safer administrative processes and reduced climate impact, while at the same time simplifying your everyday life and strengthening privacy protection. By creating future-proof technology solutions and products with a focus on user-friendliness, security and regulatory compliance, we can contribute to this. No more lost paper forms in backpacks, less time hunting for signatures while complying with GDPR requirements.

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"When the employment agreement has been signed it will automatically be distributed to the right function and people."
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