Afry increases efficiency in its HR administration

Thanks to Assently E-Sign, Afry has digitized their entire recruitment process
~70 min
Saved / contract
3 days
Shorter lead times
"When the employment agreement has been signed it will automatically be distributed to the right function and people."
Dennis Lundkvist

A digital process is quicker

Afry has digitized their entire recruiting process thanks to Assently E-Sign. By doing so, they save 60-80 minutes effective working time, shortens the handling time with at least three days, and decreases greenhouse gases equivalent to two kilometers of driving – per contract.

Customized contracts for each new recruitment

Assently E-Sign add-on service Smart Templates enables Afry to easily edit information in each contract. Some of the information about the candidate is automatically imported from Afry´s recruitment system – upon which it is sent electronically for signing with eID or touch signature.

A solution resulting in large savings, both internally and externally.

An obvious benefit for having a digital and highly automated process is time-efficiency, but besides that Assently E-sign has resulted in a positive environmental impact. Afry is also satisfied in leaving each hiring process with a highly professional and user-friendly experience.

Lifting the most relevant product solutions for this case

Possible integration with existing systems
Customizable design in a web agency, adapt to your brand
Send contracts to multiple parties at the same time
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