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Towards flexible tools for agreements
"With Assently, we have increased efficiency even further. The collection and management of signatures is very smooth"
Kristiina Laanti

Towards flexible tools for agreements

The Rastor Institute offers career and recruitment services and coaching growth programmes for both individual and corporate clients. As the business grew, the need to automate internal processes had arisen, and although an e-signature solution was already in place, Assently offered many new opportunities for this.

The Rastor Institute had already identified the need for easy-to-maintain forms that could be filled in by both parties before signing, and then passed on to, for example, financial management. They also needed additional security for document distribution, without compromising user-friendliness. The management of electronic signatures and documents needed to be easy and agile for everyone in the organisation.

More tangible benefits, fewer emails

When the Rastor Institute started using Assently's E-sign tool, the ease of use of the service was immediately noticed. The versatile editing of contract texts and cover letters, the use of form templates and templates, and the easy applicability of data protection information have resulted in significant time savings. A tangible difference has also been the reduction in email clutter. 

Rastor Institute's extensive organisation operates throughout Finland, so Assently has also helped to streamline and harmonise the processes related to contracts. For example, the single sign-on (SSO) method avoids frustrating, repetitive authentication checks and makes everyday life easier for users.

The Rastor Institute has also taken note of how customer feedback is listened to and how the service is continuously improved on the basis of this feedback. The quality of customer service and user support is also highly commended.

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