Public sector: Societal benefits by digitalizing municipalities and regions

The Swedish public sector is leading the EU in digitalization but a great deal remains in reaching the EU inner digital market target. Assently offers municipalities, regions and government authorities experience and tools in e-signage, e-identification and other major instruments in the digitalization process.
Public sector

Efficient public sector – digitalization of processes

Most citizens expect that forms and other administrative routines can be carried out digitally. With our services for public sector – e-identification and e-signatures for municipalities and regions – the public sector can meet societal expectations.

In internal processes, digital signatures and secure identification are utilized to simplify and make work more efficient, while also meeting the demands and objectives for digitalizing municipalities, regions and government agencies. Establish secure internal communications as well as simplifying procurement and contracts handling with the help of our services in e-identification of the public sector and digital signatures for municipalities and other public service operations.

Assently assists you by:

  • Simplifying the handling of forms
  • Simplifying procurement with reduced costs
  • Improving collaboration between departments, authorities, and suppliers
  • Offering a higher level of service
  • Increasing accessibility for other collaborating parties
  • Ensuring that the digital shift is securely managed and in accordance with legislation and regulations

Our solutions for this industry

  • Log-in with e-ID (authentication through BankID, other Nordic e-IDs or Foreign eID through Sweden Connect) – CoreID
  • Verify the identity of callers over the phone or in a chat – LiveID
  • Digital signatures of contracts and agreements, swift and simple – E-sign

"Our next step is to further develop our usage and let potential donors sign up ‘on-the go’ on a tablet with bankID."
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