Product News


New features in E-Sign

Download documents and data in bulk without selecting a template

Create a template as a copy of another template

Improvements to E-Sign API v3

Filter cases on Sent and FinishedOn

Get information about the case creator

Improvements to CoreID

We’ve improved browser support for CoreID Client when authenticating with Swedish BankID and Norwegian BankID.


Signatory Rights in the E-Sign API

With Signatory Rights in the E-Sign API customers can build integrations that involves looking up who have the right to sign any Nordic company.

Support for Smart-ID (Baltics)

We’re bringing support for the Baltic eID Smart-ID to Assently’s products, starting with authentication in CoreID. Support for Smart-ID in E-Sign and LiveID is coming in a future update.

MitID Popup support

CoreID customers can now choose between the full page redirect flow and a popup flow for MitID.

Other updates

CoreID: Visual update with country flags when selecting the nordic countries 🇸🇪🇫🇮🇳🇴🇩🇰

CoreID: New Swedish BankID logotype that’s more accessible

E-Sign: Fixes for handling increased load

E-Sign and CoreID: Security improvements


Easier to download batches of cases

You can now do batch downloads of up to 100 cases from a template. Select a time period or just a single day to do an export.

Other updates

E-Sign: More Signatory Lookup improvements

E-Sign: Many bug fixes and stability improvements


E-Sign: New UI for the Template list thats cleaner and faster

E-Sign: Improved Swedish BankID signing text (with formatting)

CoreID: Swedish BankID with Secure Start (QR code/Same device)

E-Sign: Fixes for handling increased load

E-Sign: Improvements for Signatory Lookup

E-Sign: UI fixes for Edit party & Edit Notification texts


Signatory Rights

With Signatory Rights in E-Sign, it’s easy for you to ensure that the persons you send an agreement to have the right to sign the company. You can search by company name or company registration number, and see which combinations of individuals, individually or in combination, have the right to sign the company. This new feature supports companies in all Nordic countries. Contact us to get started!

MitID is available in Assently E-Sign and CoreID

People can now identify themselves and sign using MitID, Denmarks new digital ID, in Assently E-Sign and CoreID. E-Sign customers can start using MitID alongside NemID directly. CoreID customers can enable MitID by making changes to their implementation. The MitID implementation guide takes you through steps.

Update to Norwegian BankID flow

We've updated E-Sign to use the latest solution from Norwegian BankID, OIDC, making it easier to authenticate and sign. The choice of method (BankID app, kodebrikke, on mobile) is done in a modern client hosted by BankID. The client is purple following the BankID brand colors, making for a more uniform user experience. The client is also ready for BankID biometri (authenticating using biometrics in the BankID app) when it launches later this year.

New Developer Docs and E-Sign APIv3 in Public Beta

We have released a new documentation site for developers working with all Assently products. It’s easier to navigate and has recipes for developers new to our products. We’ve also released E-Sign APIv3 in public beta. It offers a simplified datamodel, OAuth 2.0 and OpenAPI/Swagger to make it easier to build integrations with E-Sign. We welcome feedback and invite customers to contact us if they want access.

Other updates

Edit Party – fix typos and other misspelled contact details without having to recall a case and sent it out again.


October: E-Sign Batch signature

We’ve improved our Batch signature feature, making it easier than ever for agents to sign multiple cases at once. Just select the cases you want to sign and sign them in batch.

September: E-Sign Signing options

With Assently E-Sign it’s always easy and secure to sign. We’ve made it easier to change between signature methods. Just select “Signing options” to choose between eID, touch signature and SMS signature.
From signing options you can also message the sender, or if you are filling out a form: save your progress and continue later.