Financial and insurance operators attract new customers with digital signature and authentication

Providing financial services to end-customers requires careful attention to ensure reliability. Preparing documents and ensuring processes work effectively can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.
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Digitalization in banking and finance – e-signage and e-identification

To ensure that users and customers feel safe and secure in dealing with financial services, the systems that they interact with also contribute towards that feeling of security and trustworthiness. By offering a time-efficient registration process, while collecting all needed information, helps establish the prerequisites to ensure that the customer feels both safe and welcome.

Do you already feel that you verify your customers in real time with secure identification, follow all the security protocols and offer unmatched user interaction? In that case, you may not, at present, require our services. If not, we would be pleased to explain how we have assisted other colleagues in your industry.

Assently helps you to:

  • Offer quicker and a more up-to-date onboarding of new customers
  • Ensure increased loyalty and profitability of existing customers
  • Ensure compliance with rules and regulations
  • Continuously further develop security

We have now initiated collaboration with Glofitech, which provides IT solutions for banks, financial services institutions, and insurance companies. Together, we have developed a product to facilitate and automize your client onboarding process and other documentation in, for example, client advisory services.

Our solutions for this industry

  • Contracts and contract management (validation and archiving)
  • Identify people by phone or chat (e.g. as a blocker)
  • Secure login service (electronic identity verification)
  • Advanced electronic signature (with Nordic e-signatures)
  • Tools for building dynamic contracts
“We save 25% of the time spent on sales and employment contracts internally"
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