DNA allows consumers to e-sign in their stores

The technology offers a smooth and rapid experience for your customers
Assently PoS saves time and reduces admin work
Facilitates DNA employees daily work
Improved customer experience during the purchasing process
"Receiving such a clear response from customers in the stores shows that we’re on the right track."
Vesa Savolainen

Increased efficiency thanks to Assently E-sign

Since DNA started to use Assently, they’ve been able to reduce printed papers by 36,000 per month. The solution saves both time and administration for employees in the stores and at the head office as the process to get a signed agreement is made digitally.

Extremely few customers want a printed copy

When a purchase is made in a DNA store, the store staff generates the agreement in their register, which is sent to a tablet in the store. The customer then reviews and signs it, which triggers an automated distribution of the agreement. One copy is sent to the customer and one is archived by provider.

Smooth is fast

Amongst all providers we looked at, Assently’s is definitely the most user-friendly option. DNA’s store personnel receive an extremely positive response from their customers: electronic signing is experienced as smoother and enhances the experience in the store.

Sign electric contracts in store with Assently Point of Sale

Our in-store solution allows you to take the power of e-signing to the field and to provide your in-store customers with a seamless experience when performing a purchase.

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Possible integration with existing systems
Customizable design in a web agency, adapt to your brand
Send contracts to multiple parties at the same time
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