Assently offers prepackaged support in the form of web forms - customized forms (digital forms) that are created according to business requirements from the customer and published as a web page with one or more pages. The web forms or digital forms are unique to each customer, and are developed based on existing PDF templates and processes at the customer, making it possible to guide customers and end users in entering data and/or information.

Assently Webforms

We want our products to help you through increased efficiency, safer administrative processes and reduced climate impact, while at the same time simplifying your everyday life and strengthening privacy protection. By creating future-proof technology solutions and products with a focus on user-friendliness, security and regulatory compliance, we can contribute to this.

Assently webforms Basic:

Setup is based on existing PDF with one or two pages, three webform pages are included.

Functionality included in Webform Basic:

  • Mandatory fields with explanatory text
  • Simple format rules of phone numbers and social security numbers
  • Dropdown menus
  • Multiple choice
  • Numeric and alphanumeric fields
  • Entered values populate original PDF
  • Signing functions in accordance with Assently E-sign
  • Includes API and one Pro-license. User can access web office and use the application
  • Changes to PDF and forms after release is offered separately

Assently Webforms Enterprise:

Setup is based on one or multiple existing PDFs with multiple pages, multiple webform pages are included, input can be used as metadata or in calculated fields.

Functionality included in Webform:

  • Mandatory fields with explanatory text
  • Format rules when applicable
  • Validations of entered values where applicable
  • Dropdown menus, multiple choice, numeric and alphanumeric fields
  • Values added populate original PDF and integrated systems
  • Changes can be made to the PDF(s)
  • Signing functions
  • Includes one API and one user. Users can access the web office and use the application
  • Changes to PDF and forms after release is offered separately

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