Security threats are increasing - Assently's solutions are protecting

In times of uncertainty, security is increasingly important. With Assently's solutions for electronic identification and signing, individuals and companies are protected against the wave of fraud attempts and scams.

- "The threats have not decreased but on the contrary increased," says Assently's founder Andreas Massarsch. "There is a growing concern about intrusions into websites and IT systems. A weak link is always inadequate usernames and passwords. They can be likened to credit cards on the loose. But by logging in with eID, we achieve not only simpler solutions but also higher security.

A common threat is phishing. The recipient receives a seemingly reliable request to complete a quote or delivery details. In a moment of weakness, they may be persuaded to click on the link.

- The rule is very simple, says Andreas Massarsch. It is always you and only you who take the initiative to identify yourself. No one, and especially not a bank, would call you up and ask you to log in with your BankID.

In the Nordic countries, we have access to a service that is the envy of the rest of Europe. There, it's often a matter of complicated security apps and cumbersome password management.

- Even though we see a development in this direction in several European countries, these are still fragmented solutions that may only work in a single region.

But with the support of the EU's eIDAS regulation - which initially covered only public institutions but has now been extended to private actors - the possibilities for secure identification can be extended to Europe as a whole.

- I believe this is coming in leaps and bounds. The COVID-19 vaccine passports have shown how we can quickly establish a common system in Europe. My Swedish vaccine passport has worked as smoothly in France as in Sweden.

In addition to the Swedish BankID, there is the stand-alone Freja eID system that can be introduced in other countries. For example, Sweden has recently opened the possibility for refugees from Ukraine to link their passport identity to the system.

- "We are facing many exciting changes that will make things easier for all parties," says Andreas Massarsch.

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