Digitalization in the real estate industry

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and the digital age brings new requirements for managing information and data. As part of an industry in motion, individual property owners must also keep up to date and work for a proactive and efficient development. Digitalization is something that affects entire businesses, and with the right knowledge and expectations, there are great benefits to be gained.

Efficient processes

To meet customers' and other industries' expectations and demands for efficiency and security, a digital transition is necessary sooner or later. The efficiency and security offered by digital solutions in the real estate industry is hard to beat. An industry organization like Fastighetsägarna is fully aware of the challenges facing the industry and sees great opportunities for digital development. Regardless of the size of the business, the digitization of previously analog processes is an important step to keep up with the development. A more or less comprehensive digitization of the real estate industry is inevitable, but with great benefits for all parties.

Digital tools

Getting started with digitalization without help can be difficult, and there are many successful examples to take inspiration from, as well as experts who can contribute with their knowledge and tailor-made tools for your business. At Assently, we have been developing digital solutions for electronic signing and identification for more than ten years. Read more about how our services can be used for digitalization in real estate and management.

Electronic signatures

One area where you can easily see the benefits of digital solutions is document and contract management. By eliminating paper and pencil from the process and instead conducting signatures and storage electronically, the process is streamlined, and everything becomes clear and easy to manage. With Assently's digital signature solutions, contracting processes can be significantly shortened, whether it's an employment contract or a lease. Documents and agreements are sent out to the parties involved, and stored in the right place when everything is signed and ready. Signatures are made with BankID and are as secure and legally binding as regular signatures.

Solutions for electronic identification

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