Digital archives

The purpose of establishing archives is to store information in an accessible and secure way for future needs. Analogue, physical archives with paper and binders have their shortcomings, and a digital archive or e-archive is a way to both streamline administration and make the management of documents more secure, and to reduce the risk of lost records and documents.

What is a digital archive?

An e-archive is a catalog or database where all information in a particular area is stored digitally, instead of being stored in physical folders, document collectors and filing cabinets. In its simplest form, a digital repository can be a folder on a computer, but it can also benefit from secure servers and an easy-to-use interface with clearly labeled directories and files.

In the digital archive, all documents can be tagged with the necessary information to make them retrospectively searchable, so that you can easily find all the documents in a particular file, or all the material from a particular time period.

What is digitalization?

For all businesses that work with physical documents and paper, digitization means a major change in the way they work, but it also means securing materials and information for the future, and streamlining and simplifying work in the long term. Read more in our article on digitization and its benefits.

Digitizing archives with digital forms

A first step in establishing a digital archive is to digitize your existing forms and documents, making them searchable and indexable. Read more in our article on creating digital forms to make them easier to manage and store in a digital archive.

E-archive for e-signatures

To further streamline and ensure that even new contracts and documents are digitized, they can be digitally signed using BankID or other electronic identification. With Assently E-Sign, our service for digital signatures and e-signatures, it is easy to store all documents in our digital archive, the Web Office. The digital archive gathers all signatures and documents in one place, and makes it easy to search and follow up on cases afterwards.

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