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Publish PDF forms directly on your website for people to sign digitally. Our web automation service provides easy access and an improved customer experience.
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There are different ways to integrate an e-signature form directly through your company's website, either by using the ready-made solution Web Automation or by building an API integration.

How does it work?

By uploading an existing PDF to Assently's service and activating Web Automation, a URL is created that you can publish on your website. This short link leads to a web form that looks like an original PDF, but can be filled in, reviewed, electronically signed and submitted directly through your company's website.


  • The web form works on all types of devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).
  • Ability to apply validation and mandatory fields that prevent the form from being signed if it is not correctly filled out.
  • The web form with the filled-in information can be exported to an Excel/CSV file for easy compilation and further handling.
  • Create a dynamic web form that collects the desired information in one or more steps. The great advantage is that it can be customized based on the answers given and only ask relevant questions, thus simplifying the filling process.

Do you want to search internal or external databases such as credit reports or signatories?

It works great! Information is written via Assently's API to your company's fillable PDF, which is then presented filled in for e-signature in the next step. Collected data and files can then be moved to your company's system via file or API. You are responsible for this work.

Contact us and we will tell you more about how you and your company can use Web Automation.

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